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The owners were Charter Members National Dog Groomers of America. For several decades Charles and Nell Johnston have worked to advance their craft in pet grooming. They also attended and graduated from the advanced curriculum at the New York School of Dog Grooming. We have extensive experience in show grooming and have at one time operated a grooming school certified by the state of North Carolina.

When “Gidget” (our very first poodle) had her first litter of puppies we contacted the owner sire of the litter because we wanted to make a Poodle Family Picture. The father of the litter arrived at the family photo shot greatly in need of grooming. After getting the owners permission the father of the litter was groomed. When the owner returned to pick up the father of the litter he asked, “…What have you done to my dog?”. He was very pleased with the grooming and asked why I did not groom pets for other people for a living. That’s how our entry into the world of pet grooming began.

We are known for our quality work and making every dog look its best. We do not use tranquilizers when grooming nor do we rush through grooming. Our goal is to make the dog comfortable and to feel safe while being groomed. We use rewards, praise, and careful consideration of each individual dog’s need to ensure the dog has as little stress as possible.

Classes are one-on-one with student/owner hands-on experience. We work around your schedule and focus on what you wish to learn. From learning to groom your own dog, to learning to become a professional groomer, the classes are personally designed around each person’s goals and skill level. While we do not teach all breeds, we work with many.

We also offer introduction to grooming for dogs that are inexperienced or frightened of grooming. The visits are short, with careful introduction of equipment at a pace that is guided by the dog’s comfort level.

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Training Prices

Receive one free class on coat care and grooming with each dog purchase (within 6 weeks of purchase).

We can train anyone to become a groomer!

Single breed class for one day – $100-$150

100 hour class for all breeds – $1000


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